Monday, June 29, 2009


Okay - so technically I am early. And as of Friday, when the doc told me he thinks I will definitely go early, I was excited, but still thought - I just want my little Adalyn safe, so whenever she is ready, I am just fine with that!

That was then... ;)

So on Friday night, I had a couple random contractions. Not a big deal, just enough to start to get me excited. Then on Saturday morning, another milestone (I'll let you all guess in your mind what). Then Saturday afternoon - A LOT of contractions. Including some pretty painful ones. Greg and I got all packed up and ready to go, gave the house a good vaccuum, and then went on a walk. Still contractions.... But not getting worse, necessarily.... Then the night came, a couple painful contractions, and just steady contracting. Then the morning came. I thought - this is definitely it! And at 6 in the morning, NOTHING. Just plain stopped.

Then Sunday day came, a few more contractions, but nothing to freak out about quite yet. Then last night - LOTS of contractions. They even got more steady and started taking on a pattern. And, they started to get more painful. This morning, from 5-7, they really started to get more intense. So, I once again got things ready to go and was thisclose to going to the hospital - and WHAM, no more contractions. After some tears of disappointment and frustration, I went to work - and then Today, a few more contractions here and there, but I am just sitting at work doing my thing.

SO FRUSTRATING! I know I am early, so I really shouldn't care, or be this excited - but this going back and forth, back and forth is SO emotionally exhausting. Plus, add raging hormones to that list, and I am a real fun treat to be around at this moment!

So - that was then, this is now - I WANT HER HERE!!!!!!!!!!! And I have lost my patience! So, with this new knowledge.... any guesses on when she will come? Also, any stories that can help calm me down and give me patience?


The Estes Family said...

I know just how you feel. It's that bitter sweet, I'm so tired of contracting but worried that everything will be ok. Do the deed a few times and walk alot if you want her here!!! I bet shes here by Friday!!

JMKeller825 said...

Saturday!! Then her middle name can be America or Freedom!! Good luck stay positive!

Walkers said...

drink some Castor Oil.
works like a champ if your body is ready for labor.
you only need to drink like 2 tbs.
i drank it plain then just drank like grape juice afterwards. it was gross, but it did help!!!
**** Just so you know, it will more than likely give you diarrhea... but it will also, more than likely put you into labor! :)

The Garlocks.... said...

Stories! Remember your friend down in Arizona who went 21 days over!! Just remember that when you have gone early! Is that a good enough story?

janeal said...

Really??? This is your last post on your blog????